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If you are not already familiar with us, we are a premium aftermarket performance parts manufacturer based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania focusing on Honda Civics 2006- Present, Subaru WRX 2015- Present, Nissan GTRs, and recently diving into the Ford F150 market. Our main focus currently is the 10th Generation Civic and Type-R market. We were the first to break the 400whp barrier for the 1.5T Civic Si platform, which was done on a stock block, stock internals, and fuel system. For both of these platforms we offer direct bolt on pieces with no modification required for installation. Our products range from a full turbo kit system to a basic Stage 1 Intake system.

Link to our product line for the 10th Generation Civics:

Link to our products for the 2017+ Type-R:

Being a sponsor of this forum we would like to offer members of this forum a 10% discount on PRL Motorsports Products!

-Using the promo code: CIVICXCLUB
-Must have a valid European shipping and billing address.
-You may order directly through our website, email (, or by phone (724-325-6300).
-This cannot be combined with any other offer, sale, or discount.

Looking for some bolt ons for your Civic Type-R FK8? We offer a billet aluminum front mount intercooler, a stage 1 intake (With a high flow intake in development currently, upgraded clutch line, and Downpipes (Catted or Catless) and Frontpipes.



Welcome and thanks for the partnership. We’re glad to have you here and I hope we can make good modifications to our cars thanks for your discounts.

Cheers!! :smiley:


Welcome to our Spanish forum ,I’m using prl intercooler kit and caí with maf race , the only one at the moment here and I’m so happy with it,thanks for your work!

Good job!


welcome on board!!!

PRL just kicked in yooooooooooo


Welcome! :smiley:

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The promo code is invalid. What about this?



@PRL-Motorsports what about this??

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Sorry about that! We will be fixing it today 2/22/2019 EST US.

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ok thanks

This has been updated and is now active! We apologize for any inconvenience.

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@PRL-Motorsports hi! My order is done and the promo code works. Thanks and greetings!


We saw a few orders come through this weekend! Thank you for the support.




I am interested in buying a GReddy Supreme SP Exhaust for the Civic Sport HB no Si, part number 10158212. Can you give me a budget?


Abiding by manufacturer advertised pricing (MAP Policy) we have that listed for sale on our site at $598.50 USD + shipping. Currently, those are out of stock with a month lead time from the time order is placed. We can ship internationally, if you are interested in this exhaust please email and we can quote you a total.

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Hi @PRL-Motorsports,

Im looking for an air intake, im having doubts about the 2 intakes that you provide, the short Ram, and the cobra cold air intake,

1-What is the difference between the street and the race MAF (I will use this with ktuner so i think it will be the race MAF)?.

2-Is there any noticeable difference in HP profit between this two? My first choice is the short ram intake, because i like the style when you open the hood, but i dont know if the cobra will have better tuning for performance.

Thanks for your support to the Spanish community


The cold air will be the best option, as opposed to the short ram. We do not recommend a short ram and only provided one to market by high customer demand. You will probably lose 4-5 horsepower with the shortram in comparison to the cold air. Short ram in this case sources hot engine bay air while the cold air sources the best possible air from behind the fog light. The street MAF version is able to be installed on a factory car and still operate correctly. Race MAF version is a larger diameter and requires a tune or proper calibration (Available through KTuner and Hondata as a basemap option). You will see 3-5hp gain with the race MAF over the street MAF.


Thanks for your answer.
Seems pretty clear that we should go for the cold air intake, but one last question.
I’m worried about hydrolock the engine with a cold air intake, is there any problem using this in the civic 10th? Is there any anti water filter to put in the cold air “Cobra”?

There should be no problem unless you drive over a very deep puddle IMO.

This seems to be a common misconception stemming from the open engine bays of the late 1990’s Hondas. Our cold air places the filter (depending on if or how much your car is lowered) about 20-25cm from the ground. It is also guarded by 2 plastic pieces from factory. You would have to submerge your entire filter in water deeper than you should ever drive through for this to be an issue.

If you think about the path any significant amount of water would travel it would first make it past the two shields, through an oiled filter, uphill through 3 bends in a 10cm diameter section, through your MAF housing, through a hot turbo, down the hot side intercooler pipe, through your intercooler, and uphill through 3 more uphill bends in your cold side intercooler pipe to reach your throttle body. A little different path than going straight from a filter into your throttle body.

We’ve had several employees drive our cold air on road trips and through all seasons in our wet Pennsylvania climate. Even driving our big turbo kit through town with flooding streets pouring water into the drainage system. 0 issues arose during any of our experiences and only 2 people have ever hydrolocked to our knowledge. This was due to BOTH of them driving through upwards of 38+cm of standing water, which you shouldn’t attempt in any car. At that point it would be user error. Use common sense and your best judgement, but for 99% of normal driving you will be fine.


Thank you very much, you have cleared all my doubts

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